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HOTELtelecom has been a leading supplier of hotel phone sets since 1989. As such, we will not knowingly be undersold. There's a reason we're among Scitec's top distributors and you owe it to your business to try us today. When it comes to selling hotel telephone sets, HOTELtelecom is the best name in the business!

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Scitec is an award-winning ISO-9001-certified telephone set manufacturer and preferred supplier to major hotel chains, hotel management companies and owners, and PBX system manufacturers.

With six different product lines and over thirty-four different models, there is sure to be a Scitec phone for every hospitality application!

Scitec Hotel Phones
Aegis-08 Series hotel phones room telephones
Scitec Aegis-00 Legacy Series hotel phones
Scitec Industry Standard phones
Scitec Emergency Phones

Aegis-08 Series
Hotel Phones

The redesigned single and two-line Aegis-08 series is stylish and maintain all the standard hotel phone features.

Aegis-00 Legacy Series
Hotel Phones

Single and 2-line hotel phones with handsfree speakerphone option in a variety of guest service configurations.

Industry Standard Phones

Industry standard workhorse phones for your heavy-use areas.

Emergency Use Telephones

Available in standard, heavy-duty or modern stylings to fit into your operation.

Health Care phones


hotel phone sets Scitec Scitec telephone

Buy your hotel phones from HOTELtelecom to get the best quality and best prices! We're among Scitec's top distributors, so try us today!


Health Care Phones

Disposable, single-use phones are designed to reduce cross-contamination for better patient care.


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